Brand/Product Management

Brand/Product Management

For companies with multiple lines but limited resources, The Wady Co is able to offer full brand or product line management. Whether new launches, interim cover or product line management in specific territories, we offer hands-on territory, product line and brand management solutions for your short or long-term needs.

Working alongside your internal team and closely with your distributors or retailers, we can offer bespoke, tailored sales, marketing, promotions and education to maintain and grow the sales and market position of individual products or sectors.

For this we can provide all or selected product management services:

  • Managing sales and marketing requirements
  • Customer/distributor communications
  • Marketing and in-field promotions and support
  • Regular reporting and performance analysis.

“Around 95% of your brand’s strategy will work everywhere, but the key to success is that last 5%. Understanding local, cultural nuances is the difference between just existing in a market or connecting with it.”
Martyn Wady

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