International Business Development

International Business Development

In-depth knowledge and expertise of the international beauty and haircare market, The Wady Co offers a range of bespoke services for any brand wanting to enter, grow or expand visibility and sales in the global marketplace.

Brainstorm – identify new markets and growth strategies for your brand

Fresh eyes often see opportunities that are easily missed. The ability to look at your business with a combination of fresh eyes and a wealth of experience means The Wady Co can identify subtle changes, improvements or investment opportunities that can enhance your brand profile and deliver substantial returns.  

Country Targeting – market/region specific targeting and development

All business’ want to expand, but simply targeting well-established markets and sales channels is not always the best option.  Innovative sales routes, less crowded markets and strategic countries can be better for building brand profile and market share. A good understanding of global markets enables us to build a cost effective and deliverable timeline and strategy for your expansion plans.

Brand Positioning – ensure your products speak the right language

To succeed in a market, you need to understand it and importantly, how your brand or product will best connect with the target audience. Preconceptions and assumptions can lead to wasted time, wasted investment and failure to reach your full potential. We can work with you to highlight the needs and nuances of your target markets to ensure your investments generate the best results.

Review & Refresh – revitalise flat, underperforming markets

It’s all too easy to neglect existing business while focussing time and resources on new products and markets, but there’s often opportunities to re-vamp existing business and improve returns. The Wady Co can provide you with the time, expertise and manpower to revitalise existing business leaving you and your team to concentrate on new growth.

Boots on the Ground: In market research, development and support

Everyone knows the crucial value of being on location in a market for product launches, shows, research, education and supporting distributors. Limited team resources mean companies are forced to make tough choices on in-market support, often jeopardising or undermining sales growth and opportunities.

Flexibility and around the world experience enable The Wady Co to provide you and your customers with in-field support as, when, and where it’s needed.

“Around 95% of your brand’s strategy will work everywhere, but the key to success is that last 5%. Understanding local, cultural nuances is the difference between just existing in a market or connecting with it.”
Martyn Wady

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