International Product Positioning

International Product Positioning

Every country and culture is unique and, understanding the market particulars in relation to how specific product types are categorised, positioned, valued and used is crucial for exploiting sales and growth opportunities. While maintaining core brand identities, The Wady Co can tailor product positioning, sales channels and resources for best possible results.

Product Verses Market – review to establish market position, sales route and branding

There are no universal rules on how customers use, choose or where they buy products, particularly in the beauty sector. Understanding the marketplace, the competition and the customer needs are crucial to success. With careful research, The Wady Co can provide trusted advice on tailoring product’s USPs and marketing profile to suit individual markets.

Timelining – strategic timing planning for territory (re)launch, growth and expansion

For a successful product or brand launch, timing is everything.  Not just in hitting the stores at the best time, but with prelaunch marketing and logistics. International regulations, time-zones, national events and holidays, all need to be added to the launch strategy for it to run smoothly. Experienced in events and launches around the world, we can help you plan and time your launch for the best possible results.

Communications – liaison between teams on requirements, deliverables and expectations

For you, your goals are clear, but are they understood and workable to your in-market partner and team? Language, time-zone and cultural differences make communications difficult in the international market and successful business relies on good relationships between all team members. Understanding the business needs on both side is crucial for creating a good relationship and liaising between teams is one of our fortes.

In market support and progression

It’s often not enough to position a product in market, you need to monitor and manage sales and branding on the ground. Limited team resources mean companies often struggle to maintain close market ties following on from the initial business set up. Flexibility and experience means The Wady Co can provide you and your customers with in-field support as, when and where it’s needed. 

“Around 95% of your brand’s strategy will work everywhere, but the key to success is that last 5%. Understanding local, cultural nuances is the difference between just existing in a market or connecting with it.”
Martyn Wady

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